Safely Treating Complex Femoral & Popliteal CTOs

A Case Study Presentation

During this Webinar Dr. Glen Schwartzberg shares how he treated a complex femoral and popliteal CTO with OCT-image guided therapy. He explains why he transitioned from non image-guided devices to real-time OCT-guided atherectomy (Pantheris) and CTO crossing (Ocelot) catheters .

The ability to see inside the vessel while treating enables to avoid damaging the native artery and adventitial disruption is known as the primary cause of restenosis. This increased safety provided by the imaging system enables for better outcomes and is one of the reasons why Dr. Glen Schwartzberg decided to use OCT-guided atherectomy.

OCT-guided directional atherectomy  and CTO Crossing procedures represent a significant step forward in the treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease. Using onboard intravascular guidance enable for optimal and targeted plaque excision. This innovative new approach offers the potential for a superior safety profile and excellent long-term clinical outcomes through targeted plaque removal, native vessel preservation, and maximal luminal gain.

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