Diving Below-the-Knee: A Case Study Presentation

New strategies in treating complex lesions  


PAD treatment of below-the-knee disease continues to be an area of significant unmet clinical need. The complex nature of CLI and limitations in many current treatment options sometimes leads to suboptimal outcomes for patients. With techniques that either lack long-term durability, can only be used in certain lesions, or limit current or future treatment options, determining the right therapy can be complex even for the most patient-centric physicians.

In this Webinar, Dr. Tom Davis, through the presentation of a case study shares his insights for approaching BTK disease, the benefits of OCT-guided therapy and how he optimizes outcomes for his patients.

OCT-guided directional atherectomy  represents a significant step forward in the treatment of BTK disease. Using onboard intravascular guidance enable for optimal and targeted plaque excision. This innovative new approach offers the potential for a superior safety profile and excellent long-term clinical outcomes through targeted plaque removal, native vessel preservation, and maximal luminal gain.

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