Treatment of Chronic Toal Occlusions Using the Avinger Ocelot Crossing Catheter

Sewall, LE. Semin Intervent Radiol. 2015 Dec;32(4):370-3.



Peripheral arterial disease is becoming more prevalent as the population ages. In addition, the severity of the disease seems to be progressing from simple narrowing of vessels to chronic total occlusions (CTOs). Treatment of CTOs of the infrainguinal peripheral arteries remains a challenge even for experienced endovascular specialists. Many crossing techniques have been described ranging from standard guidewire and catheter-based techniques including subintimal recanalization to specialized CTO crossing devices. One of the newest technologies, the Avinger Ocelot catheter (Avinger, Inc., Redwood City, CA), employs optical coherence tomography imaging on the tip of a rotating crossing catheter to allow visual confirmation of luminal passage. This article will review this new technology for crossing CTOs, review the results of the multicenter CONNECT II trial, and discuss the potential benefits of direct visualization while crossing occlusions.


Keywords: peripheral arterial disease, chronic kidney disease, occlusion, interventional radiology