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Manfred Selenschikc: PAD Had Put His Life on Pause, Lumivascular Gave His Life Back

Like many patients, Manfred had been suffering through his undiagnosed leg pain with no end in sight, that is, until his doctor introduced him to the Lumivascular procedure. 



Manfred Selenschikc is 56 years old living in Munster Germany and had been living with chronic pain in his right leg for 12 years. He had once enjoyed going for walks with his wife and son, but Manfred’s pain had gotten to the point where he didn’t want to leave the house.

In 2000, Manfred was walking and suddenly felt stabbing pain in his legs. He was forced to stop walking and went to the hospital to see what was wrong.


Nothing Was Working

Once at the hospital, thedoctors told Manfred that they have to operate. However, after the operation, Manfred’s chronic leg pain didn’t go away. After the failed surgery, Manfred refused to walk long distances because of the severe pain.

Over the last 12 years, Manfred noticed that his condition was deteriorating and his suffering only getting worse. Finally, enough was enough. Manfred knew he had to do something about it and seek help.

arne_schwindtHe went to St. Franziskus Hospital once the pain became too unbearable. He worked with Dr. Schwindt and they once again attempted to alleviate the pain through an operation, but this operation failed as well. Manfred’s leg pain did not get better.

Although the original operation did not work, Dr. Schwindt was able to diagnose that Manfred’s pain was due to the total blockage of an artery in his right leg.


Lumivascular Procedure: A New Solution to His Pain

After all of the operations failed to alleviate his leg pain, Manfred was determined to find a solution. Dr. Schwindt introduced Manfred to the Lumivascular procedure, a new technology from the United States that could finally be a solution to his pain.

With the Lumivascular technology, Dr. Schwindt was able to control the passage through Manfred’s chronic occlusions in his artery like he never had before.

The aspect of Manfred’s artery was that it was occluded from the very beginning. That’s why with traditional techniques, it’s difficult for doctors to tell whether they are inside the artery or have perforated or ruptured the wall of the artery. The Lumivascular technology however, has a camera that allows for imaging technology so that doctors can tell exactly that they entered a blocked artery from the right place.


Pain Free At Last

Dr. Schwindt was amazed that he able to work his way all the way through Manfred’s blocked artery like never before with the use of the Lumivascular technology.

Three hours after the procedure was finished, Manfred was able to get up out of bed to try out his newly, pain-free leg. And when Dr. Schwindt visited him later that evening, he was blown away by how big of a smile Manfred had. Manfred was overjoyed to finally be able to tell Dr. Schwindt that he was pain free. This was a completely different patient than the one who first visited Dr. Schwindt with chronic leg pain.

After the successful procedure, Manfred was a changed man. He said, “After the procedure my life is better. Much, much better!”

With the pain in his leg completely removed, Manfred is able to continue the activities that he had not been able to do for the last twelve years. He could now go on a hike, run around with his family and walk without limitations or pain.


quote mark "After the procedure my life is better. Much, much better!


Manfred was so enthusiastic that he could walk long distances again because he and his wife had once loved to take long strolls through the German countryside together. Whereas he had to stop to take frequent breaks before the procedure, afterwards Manfred can walk for hours without having to stop and sit down.

He is so happy that he won’t have to hold his family back on walks anymore. No matter where they want to go now, Manfred can do it. He no longer has to have them stop and wait for him, he can keep up with the best of them. He said, “I’m free, that point is very important”.

It has been six months since his procedure and Manfred is still living life without pain. According to Dr. Schwindt, this simple “procedure granted him so much mobility and was able to give him his old life back again”.

If you are suffering the symptoms of peripheral artery disease, a minimally invasive Lumivascular procedure can help establish blood flow to your legs and feet.  To find a Lumivascular doctor near you, click here to find a doctor.


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