Critical limb ischemia.

Elsayed, et. al. Cardiol Clin. 2015 Feb;33(1):37-47.



Critical limb ischemia (CLI), the most advanced form of peripheral artery disease (PAD), carries grave implications with regard to morbidity and mortality. Within 1 year of CLI diagnosis, 40% to 50% of diabetics will experience an amputation, and 20% to 25% will die. Management is optimally directed at increasing blood flow to the affected extremity to relieve rest pain, heal ischemic ulcerations, avoid limb loss, and prevent cardiovascular events. This management is achieved by guideline-directed medical therapy and risk factor modification, whereas the mainstay of therapy remains revascularization by endovascular or surgical means for patients who are deemed potential candidates.


KEYWORDS: Critical limb ischemia; Diagnosis; Endovascular; Guidelines; Management; Review